Simple fix to curb demand for bottled water

Plastic waste from empty mineral water bottles can add to environmental pollution. PHOTO: ST FILE

The ever-growing demand for bottled water in Singapore is cause for concern.

One solution is for the Government to enact a law requiring all food and beverage businesses to provide boiled cold and hot water at half the price of what they charge for bottled water.

The Health Promotion Board has repeatedly called on Singaporeans to live a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugar and salt intake.

And many are heeding the call. However, the available beverage options at eateries are often either flavoured can drinks or expensive bottled water.

Some eateries even charge the same price for tap water as mineral water.

The unnecessary plastic waste from the empty mineral water bottles adds to the environmental pollution, and Singapore's landfill is fast running out of room for garbage.

I understand businesses need to earn a profit, however such a desire should not run counter to the national effort to get Singaporeans to be more healthy and reduce plastic usage.

A compromise would be to mandate F&B outlets provide boiled water at a regulated price.

Samuel Tan Chia Choong

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