Signs at priority queues will not help

If the lack of enforcement action is the cause of non-compliance with the designated senior-citizen lane at NTUC FairPrice, the situation will remain unchanged even if prominent signs are displayed to remind shoppers ("Priority queue for pioneers not enforced" by Mr Tan Kim Hock; Jan 7).

Sometimes, service providers are not prepared to make firm decisions that are unpopular but necessary, for fear that they may upset customers, thereby losing their patronage.

In short, they want to avoid possible inconvenience that may arise if customers are advised against paying at the reserved checkout counters.

If that is the case, then there will be customers who will persist in indulging in non-compliant practices, including jumping the queue.

Sadly, our society has no choice but to rely on strict rules and enforcement to do the things we ought to do out of goodwill and graciousness.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng