Show respect to host country when overseas

The reminder to Singaporeans to be more law-abiding and respectful in foreign lands is both paramount and timely ("MFA reminds Singaporeans to behave while abroad"; Oct 20).

Given that the number of Singaporeans travelling overseas has increased in recent years, how we behave while abroad could serve as a barometer of our level of graciousness.

While most Singaporeans behave appropriately at home and abroad, there are also a few black sheep, as there are in every society.

Some of our drivers still speed once they clear the Causeway checkpoint, and it is not uncommon to see Singaporeans throwing rubbish out of the windows of vehicles.

It does not help that some of our countrymen like to brag about issues such as the strength of our currency against those of our neighbours.

Occasionally, the "superior" mentality of the Ugly Singaporean rears its head.

It is very important to remember that as guests in other countries, we should always be sensitive to the feelings of others.

Conducting ourselves with decorum and abiding by the laws of the host country is not too much to ask.

Therefore, being civic-minded is everyone's business, not only here in Singapore but also while visiting other countries.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng