Sharing resources can avert long wait at eye centre

I accompanied my mother to her pre-operation cataract check-up at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) on Aug 3, and was impressed with the patience and professionalism of the staff.

The experience, however, was marred by the unnecessarily long waiting time. We waited almost three hours for a check-up comprising an electrocardiography (ECG) scan and a urine test.

Much of the delay was at the ECG stage - there was only one room available.

Couldn't other ECG facilities in Singapore General Hospital be used? Another option is to have the basic pre-operation check done at polyclinics or private clinics.

Most of the patients are elderly and it would be more convenient for them to visit medical facilities near their homes rather than make the long commute to the SNEC.

Healthcare resources can be better utilised and shared to achieve operational efficiency and improve customer experience.

Tan See Khiang