Shake up taxi industry, but make playing field level

If Dr Patrick Liew Siow Gian is truly sympathetic towards taxi drivers who have to work longer hours because of the new entrants, then he should urge the Government to level the playing field by requiring new entrants to comply with existing requirements or revisit the requirements imposed on taxi drivers ("Taxi industry shake-up can benefit economy, society"; May 19).

Most taxi drivers drive seven days a week and 365 days a year just to earn a simple living.

The new entrants, with lower entry barriers, indirectly coerce taxi drivers to put in longer hours to meet their increasing household expenditure needs.

The sad truth is that putting in longer hours does not necessarily equate to bringing in more income.

On the contrary, it poses a greater risk to taxi drivers and other road users due to fatigue.

Most taxi drivers are embracing the technologically driven changes and improvements. As a taxi driver, I see this as inevitable.

In fact, we welcome changes and competition that help improve value creation and productivity, which contribute to the overall benefits and growth of the economy and society.

John Leong Yew Cheong