Set up procedure to detect maid abuse

For every case of maid abuse that comes to light, there may be more which are not reported.

A fine of $10,000 is a paltry penalty and no deterrence. A jail term should be mandatory.

A clear procedure is needed to detect maid abuse.

Make it mandatory for the maid to visit the agency every fortnight in the first three months and to attend frequent medical checks by doctors authorised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), so any signs of abuse can be detected.

Maids should also go to MOM every month for the first three months and talk to officers without their employers being present.

Organisations like the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics should be given powers to do spot checks on homes. A forum can also be set up for people to give tip-offs about probable maid abuse.

Ban employers who abuse maids from hiring new maids for certain periods of time, depending on the severity of the abuse.

Without effective measures, more horrendous stories of maid abuse may emerge.

N. Nagesh