Service heavily utilised lifts more frequently

In most HDB residential blocks, there is an average of two lifts per block. In my precinct, the frequency of maintenance is the same for both lifts.

However, when it comes to lift breakdowns, one breaks down more frequently than the other. Why is this so?

First, the lift that experiences more frequent breakdowns serves all floors, whereas the other serves alternate floors.

Second, the lift that experiences more breakdowns is also more frequently used, as it is located nearer the community club, the MRT station, bus interchange and shopping mall than the other lift is.

Over time, the difference between the two lifts in terms of breakdowns widens.

Town councils must, therefore, know the ground situation fairly well in order to schedule their lift maintenance programme judiciously, based on usage.

Residents, too, can play their part by using the less frequently used lift and giving the other lift some respite; this can also be a place to meet other neighbours.

Gan Kok Tiong