Sept 11 holds lessons for us all

The painful lessons of Sept 11, 2001 are not just for Americans; they are for everyone, including Singaporeans ("US marks 15th anniversary of Sept 11 terror strikes"; Sept 12).

As we progress as a nation, let us not allow any views to divide our country and polarise our people.

Let us talk to, and not talk down at, one another. Debate the message but not decimate the messenger.

We may not agree but that does not mean we need to aggravate one another.

Let our differences help us grow and not put us in a gridlock. Let us have unity amid diversity.

We may be different but that does not mean we cannot be tolerant; we can be divided in our views, but we don't have to be divisive.

It is time we realised we may have uncommon ideologies but we share common ideals for a better life, a better world. We may not share the same desire but we share the same destiny as a human race.

We may not share the same world view but we can choose to respect, not retaliate; progress, not regress; be constructive, not destructive; forgive, not begrudge; heal, not harm; and love, not hate.

Together, we can help maintain peace and be peacemakers. We can forgive and forget any wrongdoing and press on to make Singapore an exceptional country.

We can find ways to work with the authorities and other organisations to overcome the challenges facing us in a complex and fast-changing world.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)