Seniors kept active, involved in communities

We are touched by Miss Teo Yin Yan's concern for the well-being of seniors (Prevent more elderly suicides; April 18).

Many activities are organised within communities to get seniors to stay active and healthy.

For example, the People's Association's (PA) Wellness Programme encourages seniors to take part in activities such as qigong, line-dancing, handicraft, gardening or singing in the community clubs or residents' committee centres.

We also talk to our seniors about going for regular health screenings and medical follow-ups, and the need to do simple exercises to improve their health.

Through these activities, the seniors make friends and build social and support networks. It also prevents isolation.

As grassroots volunteers, we also regularly visit vulnerable seniors to understand their needs and provide assistance in a range of areas.

We look out for signs of distress and work with various agencies to render help to seniors who need it, be it medical or financial.

Weinvite Miss Teo and others like her to volunteer with us to make the community a better place for our seniors.

Rebecca Tan Lay Bay (Ms)


PA Active Ageing Council