Sending faxes a waste of money, paper

It seems to me that faxes are often sent to people who do not wish to receive them.

Unsolicited faxes continue to find their way to rubbish bins each day.

It may be a good time for us to stop sending and receiving faxes.

With other means of communicating with our clients (e-mail, for example), it really does not make sense for anyone to keep sending faxes to others.

So much paper can be saved if we simply e-mail one another.

If the recipient of an e-mail finds it suitable to print that incoming mail, so be it.

But sending faxes is really a big waste of money and paper.

I hope all companies will stop sending faxes from now on.

I also believe that most do not wish to receive faxes at all.

Ishwar Mahtani