Selling imperfect food items a perfect way to reduce waste

I am impressed with FairPrice's success in reducing food wastage (FairPrice's bid to cut food waste pays off; April 21), and am inspired to play my part in such efforts as well.

Selling imperfect fruits and vegetables at a discount and donating unsold canned food are good ways to reduce food wastage. Other supermarket chains should consider adopting such practices.

There is much we can do to encourage people to stop wasting food.

FairPrice has shown us a way, but every individual can also play a part. We could, for instance, reduce food wastage in our homes, and when eating out, order only portions that we are able to finish.

We should also spread awareness of the issue in schools and workplaces.

Several schools and hawker centres are piloting a food-waste recycling system. Let's hope this system will soon be fully implemented across Singapore.

Valerie Lim Zhi Xuan