Security at borders remains ICA's top priority

We thank Mr V. Kumar ("New car clearance system at Woodlands checkpoint creates more problems") and Mr Manjit Singh ("Inefficient system at checkpoints"; Forum Online, both published on Oct 25) for their letters.

In the current security climate, maintaining security at the borders remains the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority's (ICA) top priority.

ICA has to ensure that the movement of people, goods and vehicles through our checkpoints is legitimate and lawful.

The checks done by ICA have to be thorough for security reasons. Any vehicle and its occupants who are subjected to further checks would have to be kept under close watch until security officers arrive to escort them to another area.

In such circumstances, ICA will redirect other vehicles in the same lane to the next available counter for immigration clearance.

To facilitate the clearance process, we monitor the traffic situation during peak periods closely.

Vehicle lanes can be converted to clear various types of vehicles. This includes converting the departure lorry counters for car clearance where necessary.

This flexibility allows ICA to more optimally regulate the traffic flow at the checkpoints.

ICA will continue to explore ways to strengthen border security and improve the efficiency of the clearance process at the checkpoints.

Travellers can also play a part to facilitate the clearance process.

Travellers are advised to plan their journey and maintain vehicle lane discipline at the checkpoints.

Travellers are also reminded to ensure that they are using their own valid passports and not bring unlawful or prohibited items into or out of Singapore.

Brenda Tham (Ms)
Deputy Head
Public and Internal Communications
Corporate Communications Division
Immigration and Checkpoints Authority