Score goals and the crowds will come

I found the letter by Mr A. Thiyaga Raju, who wrote about the pathetic turnout of spectators or supporters during match days, amusing (Drum up hype over our footballers; Nov 2).

Our footballers lack the dedication, commitment and spirit when they are on the field.

They are unable to score or deliver a win in so many games that they have played.

If the goals are not coming, the crowds will not come as well. There is no entertainment value at all.

We have had so many coaches - some of them foreigners - but none of them have been able to mould our boys into a fighting squad to be reckoned with.

Every outing bears the same result - a defeat or, at most, a draw.

Our youngsters lack discipline and total commitment when they are chasing after the ball.

Fandi Ahmad, one of our previous national coaches, used to say that his boys lacked spirit whenever they lost a game. That has not changed.

If our footballers are unable to lift the entertainment value of the game and start scoring goals, they will be playing to empty stadiums for their future games.

Neo Poh Goon