Schools can ensure all sports teams are multiracial

It is heartening to know that more Malay and Indian students are involved in basketball and swimming, which have been perceived as "Chinese" games (Schools say racial mix improving in sports; Nov 2).

It would be equally encouraging if more Chinese students take up sepak takraw and hockey, which are associated with Malays and Indians respectively.

Our schools can play a pivotal role in improving the racial mix in sports by ensuring that all teams are multiracial.

The students' interests notwithstanding, what is important is that they are given opportunities to engage in a variety of sports. One may excel in a particular sport in which one was not interested initially.

Besides sports, there are other co-curricular activities where there is a good racial mix such as the Scout and Girl Guide movements, and this is attributable to their international outlook.

It is also increasingly common to see Malays and Indians in lion dance troupes.

Their pursuits transcend racial and cultural barriers, and this augurs well for the future as we strive for a truly Singaporean identity.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng