School name not a superficial matter

Student Ashley Tan Yu Yi has downplayed the importance of a school name ("Too much ado over JC's name"; Jan 13).

However, it is with a good name that a school, or any other organisation for that matter, may grow and receive favourable public perception.

Conversely, a bad name can undermine a school's attempts at scaling greater heights, and may affect its enrolment rates.

That said, I can feel the sincerity of the Eunoia Junior College team, and believe it had the best of intentions. The meaning of "Eunoia" is charmingly brilliant, but that is of no use if the public does not take to it.

A good name should resonate with the people.

The students and parents are the biggest stakeholders, so when it comes to the selection of a name for the JC, they should be involved.

A simple solution would have been to shortlist the top few suggested names, and get the students to vote.

While I concur that the education provided is more important, that does not mean we should dismiss the name of the JC as a superficial matter.

Goh Soo Feng (Madam)