'Save water' message must extend to businesses

Water levels in Johor's Linggiu Reservoir, which helps to meet half of Singapore's water needs, have fallen to a new historic low ("Johor 'able to meet water obligation to Singapore'"; April 26).

If the dry weather continues, the risk of a disruption to Singapore's water supply is very high.

While the authorities have been encouraging people to save water, the message seems to be lost on businesses and construction sites ("S'poreans must do more to save water: Masagos"; April 22).

Every day, when I drive past a construction site in Outram Road, I see workers holding a hose with water running continuously, waiting to wash the dirt off the trucks before they exit the construction site.

While it is good that they do it to keep our roads clean, surely there must be a better way without wasting so much water.

Can the hoses not be equipped with a turn-on/turn-off switch, so that the workers do not have to keep the water running while waiting for the trucks to exit?

Most public toilets in Singapore are now equipped with auto-flush cisterns. Some of the sensors are set so sensitively that any slight movement will trigger an auto-flush.

As not all toilets are equipped to use recycled water, this means a pure waste of water.

I hope the relevant ministries and statutory bodies can work together to eliminate the wastage of water in the business and construction sectors.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan