Safer bus rides without sudden braking, please

It is sad that Madam Tan Ah Tit lost her life due to a fall when the bus she was on suddenly braked ("Elderly woman declared brain dead after fall in bus"; Sept 3).

Sudden and frequent braking, unfortunately, are a common practice among our bus drivers.

As a regular commuter, I am concerned about this.

These drivers put the lives of their passengers at risk.

I often feel bad for older passengers or women with children who have to hang on for dear life to poles or straps.

A bus ride should not be the equivalent of an amusement park ride.

The frequent stop-and-start jerky movements are also severe enough to induce motion sickness.

In all the talk about improving our bus system, isn't it also time to make our bus rides more comfortable and safe for all passengers?

In view of our ageing population, it is important that we train our drivers on how to be in better control of their vehicles, and prevent more incidents from happening.

Ong Ann Meng