Safeguard Singapore's unique unity in diversity

There are many reasons to be confident that religious harmony here will continue to strengthen ("Guarding Singapore's unique religious harmony"; Dec 13).

The Singapore Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the Government is determined to uphold harmony.

Religious leaders take their responsibilities and obligations seriously. Singaporeans are also, by and large, reasonable people.

But there is always room for us to do more to safeguard this unique unity in diversity and increase our resilience against all divisive forces.

Sensitive issues, such as euthanasia, threaten this harmony. There is also a deep divide between the religious and non-religious communities.

Something has to be done to mend this divide.

I urge academic institutions and the media to set up an organisation, similar to the Inter-Religious Organisation, to bring religious and non-religious communities even closer together.

Our diversity is a source of strength. Safeguarding our unity in diversity is of paramount importance.

S. Ratnakumar