Safeguard political integrity

The end of the trial of former National Trades Union Congress chairman and MP Phey Yew Kok shows that no one is above the law ("Dealing with uncomfortable history"; Jan 29 and "Ex-union leader Phey Yew Kok gets 5 years' jail for CBT"; Jan 23).

It is applicable equally to all politicians in Parliament, whether they are from the ruling party or the opposition, and the man in the street.

Once it has been proven beyond a doubt that there is wrongdoing with regard to public money or public trust, those involved must be prosecuted, and justice must be served without hesitation or reservation.

To condone any will be a sure and quick path downwards to political blackmailing, and the eventual destruction of what we hold dear, by a handful who could be dishonest or unscrupulous.

For that reason, it is timely for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to announce that there will be changes to the political system, including the elected presidency ("Changes to political system to prepare S'pore for long term"; Jan 28).

Tan Kok Tim

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