Sack or counsel errant employees? Leave it to firms

I cannot understand the brouhaha over DBS Bank's decision to part ways with its employee Avijit Das Patnaik (Mixed reactions to DBS' handling of 'flag incident'; Aug 31).

It is good that the bank has stood firmly by its decision on Mr Patnaik's employment status and moved on.

There will always be employees whose shenanigans can cause public outrage and it is up to the companies involved to take appropriate action.

Companies should stand by whatever decision they make and not bow to public pressure, especially from armchair critics. There are bound to be mixed reactions to whatever measures a company takes against an employee.

Of course, if employees, whether they are foreigners or locals, make derogatory comments about race and religion, they should have their employment terminated.

But, there are also cases of misguided employees whose conduct and actions do not warrant the termination of their service.

They should be warned and counselled so that they can make amends. After all, to err is only human.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng