Rules that keep PMDs in Germany in check

For the ongoing debate about e-scooters and personal mobility devices (PMDs) it may be useful to compare some of the relevant traffic regulations that are in practice in other countries.

Here are the rules for small mopeds in Germany which apply to all motorised devices alike:

- An official road-worthiness licence is necessary for any vehicle that is allowed to travel at more than 6kmh.

- The vehicles must have a licence plate to guarantee road worthiness and that it has insurance coverage.

- A riding licence is mandatory, and the minimum age of the rider is 15 years.

- All these devices can be used on roads, and sometimes on sufficiently broad walkways (signs indicate if these vehicles are allowed or not on walkways).

- A crash helmet is mandatory for all vehicles that can travel at more than 20kmh.

- A liability insurance is mandatory as well.

Wolfgang Sachsenroder (Dr)