Ruffled by lack of concern for security in cashless push

I fully agree with Mr Ng Kok Chuen on the use of CashCards (CashCards a simple solution to risky mobile payments; Aug 24).

For some time now, I have been disturbed by the lack of consideration to possible security breaches in the push for wider use of cashless transactions.

The use of mobile phones, as cited by Mr Ng, is a case in point.

The trend towards tapping and paying with credit cards is very disconcerting.

There is nothing to prevent someone from stealing or picking up a lost credit card and using it for purchases, as there is no need for the user to prove his ownership of the card.

Previously, when users had to sign a paper transaction slip, the merchant would check the signature and compare it with that on the credit card.

Today, no one even looks at the signature on the card.

Many of the bigger stores and restaurants also have machines for the user to sign on.

However, it is practically impossible to sign one's signature properly with the stylus provided - and the salesperson does not even bother to check the signature.

The banks issuing the credit cards need to re-examine their credit card security procedures to ensure that the user is in fact the owner of the card.

Kenneth Wong