Role of whistle-blowers important

While the long saga of the City Harvest Church trial has come to a decisive conclusion ("Six accused in City Harvest trial guilty of all charges"; Oct 22), there needs to be public discussion on the important role of whistle-blowers ("Saga highlights crucial role of whistle-blower"; Oct 22).

When members of a charity or religious organisation sense or uncover any "dark dealing" over the use of monetary donations but are not prepared to step forward to raise the issue, the authorities will not be able to step in to investigate.

So, how can members be encouraged to be whistle-blowers? Will their real identities be adequately protected, knowing that they may be required to attend court proceedings?

Perhaps the Charity Council, which was formed to push charities into adopting good governance and best practices, can shed some light on this.

Ada Chan Siew Foen (Ms)