Reward loyal Lions fans

As our Lions face Cambodia for an important 2018 World Cup Qualifier group game on the evening of Oct 13, they need all the support they can get.

It was rather disheartening to see such a low turnout for the previous game with Afghanistan.

The likelihood of an upcoming game with Japan to have a similar turnout would be much lower, due to the popular following of the opposition team here. A likely scenario would be for the match to see a full house.

This situation is not favourable for our Lions, who get full support only in perceived big games.

The Football Association of Singapore could consider having a points system where fans who attended previous less-popular matches get priority in tickets for games which generate more interest; this will lead to a higher chance of achieving a full house at our National Stadium.

The English FA uses this system through online booking. Fans will have to attend at least two less popular international friendlies in order to get priority for tickets to important games.

Brandon Zheng