'Reward for reporting litterbugs' idea worth a try

I applaud Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah's bold idea of rewarding people for catching litterbugs ("Get rewarded for catching a litterbug?"; Oct 13).

Despite the fines and corrective work orders as penalties for littering here, the problem still remains.

As the chance of being caught for littering is slim, these culprits do not mind risking the fines. A stronger deterrent must be imposed.

For many years, my family has had to bear with the problems caused by littering. Clothes hung out to dry have repeatedly been stained by cigarette ash.

I suppose those who are not in favour of the idea are those not living in HDB flats, or are lucky to have good neighbours who do not litter.

They do not understand the misery of those who have to endure such acts.

We should give the idea of rewarding people for reporting litterbugs a try.

And if the problem remains, I suggest that a stronger deterrent be used - such as placing the name and photo of the culprit on the noticeboard at the HDB block where he lives. Such shaming will make people think twice before they litter.

Sng Ah Beng