Review vehicle inspection period

It is time the Land Transport Authority reviewed its current vehicle inspection system, which is out of touch with the advances made by car manufacturers.

All new cars are currently sold with a three-year warranty; some even come with five-year warranties. This shows how much confidence manufacturers have in the quality of their cars.

Thus, vehicle inspection tests should begin only at the five-year mark.

Currently, vehicles have to go for their first inspection after three years.

I have gone for vehicle inspections several times.

Each time, I have observed that the cars undergoing the test are in good condition. The majority have no problem passing the test.

With the cost of a car being incredibly high these days, it would take a foolish owner not to take good care of his car.

Also, the cost of inspection has gone up over the years, from $40 to $62, when I recently sent my car in.

Apart from the initial capital investment in setting up an inspection centre, there is little reason for the cost of the test to be so high.

Adam Chan Teck Guan