Review rules to ensure fair play, safety

I call upon the authorities to review their rules and stand on Uber, to ensure fair play and safety for all passengers ("Are ride-matching apps an Uber problem?"; June 14).

First, we need to ensure that all Uber drivers have the same skills that are required of a taxi driver.

This can be achieved by ensuring that all Uber drivers have vocational licences, like taxi drivers. They must undergo the same training and be continually trained.

As passengers, we cannot be assured of our safety if the standard determined by Uber is two hours' training and an online video lesson.

Second, why are taxi companies charging a rental of $130 and above, while an Uber driver can get a vehicle at $65 per day?

This puts great stress on the taxi driver to run multiple trips just to cover the cost.

Does low cost mean lower standard of maintenance of the vehicles or are taxi companies making a huge profit?

Third, to ensure the safety of passengers, the maintenance of the vehicles should be the same for both Uber and taxi companies.

While I welcome Uber drivers in providing competition to taxis, and, hence, increasing service standard, the authorities need to look at rules and regulations to ensure fair play to both groups.

Leong Kok Seng