Review of car hire services should include taxi woes

Taxi operators and drivers will naturally be upset about the competition from private-car hire apps ("Competition must be fair" by Mr Raymond Ong Thiam Khoon; Oct 6, and "Ensure commuters' safety" by Mr Haniff Mahbob; Forum Online, Oct 5).

However, these new services fill a gap and help resolve a longstanding and frustrating problem for commuters - taxis performing a "disappearing act" when you need them most.

I hope that in its review of car hire services, the Transport Ministry, with a new chief at the helm, will also look into this "disappearing taxis" problem, largely caused by cabbies' shift changes coinciding with peak commuting hours ("Govt to look into car hire services like UberX"; Oct 3). It should also look at the complex and confusing taxi fare structure.

Tan Kar Quan