Review eligibility criteria for HDB schemes

It is encouraging that the Housing Board is reviewing the sale of two-room flats and studio apartments, to meet the needs of retirees, singles and small families ("More details of new HDB scheme revealed"; June 24).

I hope that the new "Two-Room Flexi" housing scheme will not have an income ceiling, so that working retirees who wish to downgrade to a studio apartment will not be disqualified.

Owners of studio apartments should also be allowed to resell their flats.

The HDB should also review the eligibility criteria for other categories of buyers, as circumstances change in their lives:

First, couples who are not eligible to apply for a new HDB flat if one spouse has previously bought two new flats from HDB, even though the other spouse has not done so previously.

Second, applicants who did not manage to obtain Central Provident Fund grants in their previous purchase. Grants should be extended to them when they apply for a flat.

Third, flat owners who have difficulty upgrading to a bigger home or buying a home in another location due to the higher prices of resale flats and private property. They should be allowed to purchase a third flat directly from HDB.

Lim Chong Leong