Review effectiveness of casino exclusion policy

I wonder if the various moves to manage problem gambling, such as the casino family exclusion, have been effective ("Regulated online betting safer for users: Minister"; Oct 7).

It is important to know whether these initiatives have achieved their desired outcomes, as they will also apply to online betting.

It is a fact that a habitual gambler will find a way to feed his betting habit despite the many obstacles placed before him. Whether gambling is regulated or otherwise does not matter to him.

Social institutions and religious groups can play a pivotal role in highlighting the suffering and devastating consequences which problem gambling can bring about.

It is equally important for students in their formative years to know how such social ills can wreak havoc in their lives, so that they can be more discerning about any betting activity as they grow up.

There is no such thing as safer betting, but it pays to drive home the message that gambling in all its forms will cause untold hardships and sufferings to the individual and his loved ones.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng