Reuse plastic bags

Plastic bags given out at supermarkets, and other single-use plastic bags of varying sizes, being so freely available at no cost, are often cited as a major source of waste.

However, with a mindset change and a little effort from consumers, a big part of it can be a non-issue.

What we can do is to not accept that any plastic bag needs to be used only once.

The best approach is, of course, to refuse a plastic bag or take along your own bag.

A plastic bag that comes into my possession is never single-use as long as it is still clean, and is given an extended life as a rubbish bag in my home; that includes the plastic bag that a loaf of bread comes in.

Smaller bags are equally effective in containing rubbish.

Ensuring the bag is full before tying it up and throwing it down the rubbish chute is another simple move to reduce plastic bag usage.

Ooi Mun Kong