Rethink how Singaporeans own cars

Currently, it seems that most private cars here are not used as often as they can be. They are locked-up assets that are depreciating ("The road to a car-less Singapore"; Dec 12).

Perhaps a situation similar to how Singaporeans lease flats from the Housing Board could be implemented for cars.

Form a public limited company, which would own a certain number of cars. This number can be determined by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), which will ascertain what density of cars would ensure efficient traffic flow on the road.

Singaporeans who wish to use a car can call this public company for a car to be delivered and then return it after use. Those who wish to use the car for a longer period will have to pay more for it.

A certain number of cars can still be sold to the rich under a private carpool scheme, with the current certificate of entitlement system still in place. This is similar to owning private condominiums and good-class bungalows.

However, the total number of cars belonging to the public limited company and private carpool scheme should still be determined by the LTA to ensure efficient traffic flow.

Such a system could get us closer to the dream of a car-less Singapore.

T. N. Srinivasan