Restrict when cigarettes can be sold

While I support the ban on smoking in public parks and the soon to be implemented tobacco display ban next year, more can be done to discourage smoking in Singapore ("Smoking ban in parks catches some by surprise"; June 4 and "Cigarette displays to be banned from next year"; March 15").

The sale of tobacco should be banned from 24-hour convenience stores within a certain timeframe.

This will limit the period that cigarettes are actually being sold. If the purchase of alcohol can be banned from 10.30pm to 7am daily, why not ban other harmful substances like tobacco as well?

The availability of cigarettes is a factor that contributes to smoking if they are sold at every corner, such as at convenience stores and coffee shops.

Tobacco licensing should take into account the number of retailers selling cigarettes in a given vicinity, and a quota system should be introduced. Other retailers that wish to apply for such a licence should enter a ballot once this quota is met when other licences expire.

Darrell Low Wen Wei