Response on courses eligible for SkillsFuture Credit

We thank Mr Shawn Tan Shen-wa for his feedback on SkillsFuture Credit-eligible training courses ("Be flexible in allowing use of SkillsFuture credits"; Forum Online, Feb 14).

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) takes an inclusive approach to building up the list of courses eligible for SkillsFuture Credit, and the number of such training programmes has increased steadily over the past one year.

Singaporeans can now use their SkillsFuture Credit for more than 18,000 approved skills-related courses over 50 areas of training. These are provided by more than 700 training providers, comprising both public and private providers.

More information is available at

The key criterion is that the training courses must offer high-quality and industry-relevant training to Singaporeans.

SSG, therefore, works closely with stakeholders, such as the public agencies overseeing the respective sectors, to identify suitable courses for inclusion in the SkillsFuture Credit directory.

Training providers are also welcome to apply to SSG for their courses to be eligible for SkillsFuture Credit at, and SSG proactively reaches out to training providers that have not participated in SkillsFuture Credit.

However, there may be instances where the training providers have not applied for their courses to be included and, if so, we advise Singaporeans to consider alternative training programmes, should they wish to use their SkillsFuture Credit.

Foo Piao Zhou


Planning and Programmes Division

SkillsFuture Singapore