Respect rules and leave common areas alone

I urge HDB residents to confine their creative talents to their own homes, and avoid public common areas like staircases, void decks and fields (Gold stairs earn praise but are out of step with rules; March 8).

Although their intentions may be good - they want to beautify the area - they must respect the laws and regulations that govern public areas.

These are in place to ensure public safety, such as the prevention of fire and accidents.

Items placed in public areas, such as the pyramid of toys, figurines and knick-knacks created by retiree Or Beng Kooi ('Artistic' tower of items at HDB void deck trashed; March 2), may pose a fire hazard and may cause accidents.

In addition, if one resident is allowed to display his creative ideas in public, others might want to follow suit. This could cause mayhem.

Hence, I urge residents to respect the regulations, limit their creativity to their own homes and leave public areas alone.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)