Resolve amicably issues concerning pets

There have been several cases over the years where condo management corporations have tried to remove a pet, or institute rules which cause considerable stress and inconvenience to pet owners.

This usually happens as a result of complaints from residents. Our experience has been that many of these cases can be resolved amicably by speaking to both parties.

The pet owner may not be aware of the nuisance being caused, and very often will immediately take steps to correct the situation when this is highlighted.

We therefore applaud the judgment in the JC Residence case (Judge rejects condo's 'disproportionate' bid to remove resident's pet dog; ST Online, June 29) and the clear message communicated by the district judge that we should avoid cultivating "a culture of pettiness and small-mindedness between neighbours" through subjective interpretation of the by-laws.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has always advocated responsible pet ownership, and the society has done its part to make owners aware of the responsibilities that come with keeping a pet, including a responsibility to neighbours and the larger community, especially those who may be afraid of, or are uncomfortable around, animals.

And if issues arise, we do counsel that both parties take a reasonable approach to solving the problem.

Jaipal Singh Gill (Dr)

Executive Director

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals