Residents have right to be free of unsolicited fliers

Mr Daniel Chan Wai Piew said that people put fliers on doors and gates due to the high cost of advertising ("No to fliers? Let small firms make a living"; July 28).

This is not an acceptable reason. Like the Do Not Call Registry, the restriction of access to letter boxes exists for a reason.

Everyone has the right to be free from unsolicited nuisance such as fliers.

The notion that it should be easy for others to help pick up discarded fliers does not take into consideration those who are unable to do so, such as those with back problems.

The littering of corridors, as well as the risk accumulated fliers indicating the residents' absence, are also problems that cannot be ignored.

And the pasting of stickers, which are often difficult to remove, is tantamount to vandalism, with the offenders deserving to be punished.

Terence Lim