Replace retirement with re-engagement

Retirement worked when life expectancy was shorter ("Tharman: S'pore's retirement age has to go at some point"; July 12).

The breadwinner worked until the next generation came of age and then stepped down to provide jobs for the younger generation.

However, Singapore is experiencing low birth and worker replacement rates. This model of retirement does not fit our workforce any more.

If people are active, healthy and wish to remain engaged in their vocation, they should be encouraged to do so.

Salary is another factor to consider. It should be tied to the role, responsibility and output of the individual, such that it becomes a case of "willing employer, willing worker and compatible salary".

Every capable person should work to earn at least his own living. His savings should not make him a couch potato.

Let us eliminate retirement from our workforce and replace it with re-engagement until we achieve a work culture where every Singaporean fills his family's rice bowl for as long as he is physically able.

T.N. Srinivasan