Remove railings, retain void deck as community space

The article on Feb 25 ("Void deck railings to stop ball games") left me appalled. I remember the happy times I had playing at the void deck with my siblings and neighbours.

Void decks are where residents can gather to meet friends, and where children can play, regardless of the weather. At times, they are used for important occasions, both sombre and happy. It is clear that void decks have become a shared space that is instrumental in developing a sense of community in Singapore.

If railings were to be installed in all void decks, the space constraints could result in their becoming only a passageway for shortcuts.

What would then happen to the ties forged over a friendly football match, where the young of different races unite for a common purpose - to score a goal?

People resort to playing football at the void decks because they are unable to do so elsewhere.

Instead of installing railings and making void decks a dead space, the town councils should consider building indoor football courts near flats, while allowing void decks to be used for badminton and other games.

Ensuring that there is a common space will allow the community, especially the young, to get together and bond. This is extremely important in multiracial Singapore and also of relevance in the fight to prevent terror attacks coming to our shores.

Remove the railings and keep void decks as a space for the community.

Shen Jiaying (Miss)

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