Religious views cannot form moral compass for nation

The Anglican Bishop and Catholic Archbishop of Singapore were reported as having approached the authorities to express the churches' concerns on the Madonna concert ("Anglican Church 'not forcing its views on Madonna concert'"; Feb 28).

To me, this is a direct attempt by the churches to interfere and impose their beliefs on the wider society.

There is nothing wrong with churches raising their concerns to their followers, but a line needs to be drawn.

It is not the churches' prerogative to be the moral compass for the nation.

Singapore is a secular society.

Insofar as secularism ensures the right of individuals to freedom of religion, it is always balanced by the right to be free from religion.

The Government is responsible for maintaining this secular society.

Ministers and members of the Government must remember that regardless of their own personal beliefs, they have an obligation to ensure that they are not guided by religious views in carrying out their official duties.

Any encroachment of the views, beliefs or morals of a religion on the wider society must not only be ignored but also firmly rejected.

Barry Daniel Smyth