Registering e-scooters will curb reckless, irresponsible riding


Some respondents seem to miss the point behind the proposal to register electric scooters (E-scooter registration: Proposal 'too blunt' a step; Feb 24).

There have been many debates on this issue.

The proposal to register e-scooters should be seen as curbing reckless riding and irresponsible behaviour.

As e-scooters are barred on the roads, registering them so as to track offending users when pedestrians are hit along shared footpaths is a logical move, thus making them safe for all parties.

Over the years, there have been instances of accidents along pedestrian footpaths where victims were injured and some riders even disappeared from the scene in hit-and-run cases. How many of such cases went unreported is anybody's guess.

On numerous occasions, I have seen young children and seniors being forced to give way to irresponsible riders travelling at high speeds, as if they had priority over pedestrians.

I was once almost a victim when a speeding cyclist whizzed past me as I stepped out of a bus, and could have sustained serious injury.

There have been many calls to the authorities to register e-scooters and even bicycles. If anything, the proposal seeks to serve as a deterrent.

Andrew Seow Chwee Guan