Registering e-scooters a good move

The Active Mobility Advisory Panel's recommendation to register e-scooters is timely (Panel seeks to register electric scooters; Feb 23).

Since the Land Transport Authority (LTA) started taking tougher action against personal mobility device (PMD) users riding on roads, more of them have taken to riding on footpaths instead.

This poses an increased danger to pedestrians, especially children and the elderly.

With e-scooters registered and equipped with lights and warning bells, footpaths will hopefully be made safer for pedestrians as more PMD users ride safely and responsibly.

However, having to register PMDs means that the LTA will have to deploy more enforcement officers on the ground to ensure that such devices are adhering to new regulations.

This will put a strain on its limited manpower resources.

I suggest that the LTA start a volunteer enforcement officer scheme.

There are active citizens who would like to play a bigger role in keeping the footpaths safe for users.

With proper training and given the authority to assist in enforcing regulations, they can be a valuable asset to the LTA in ensuring that PMDs continue to be a transport asset to their users, but not a liability to pedestrians.

Edwin Pang