Registering all PMDs will be useful for the authorities

Every now and then, an incident happens which reminds us of the increasing presence of personal mobility devices (PMDs).

The report of an elderly person being attacked by an e-scooter rider is once again an indication of the necessity for PMDs to carry licence plates (Man, 69, in hospital after alleged attack by rider of e-scooter; May 21).

This unfortunate incident is not the first, and it will surely not be the last.

Though the Government has mentioned that it is impractical to register the bicycles in Singapore, many people remain unconvinced.

When there is an incident, a photo of the licence plate, taken by the victim or passers-by, may give police a better chance of tracking down the culprit.

As I understand it, the rider in the latest incident fled after the attack and has not been nabbed.

Chee Chi Weng