Reconsider stand against bicycle registration

I urge the authorities to consider registration and licensing for bicycles.

Recently, my six-year-old daughter and I got out of a car at a sheltered driveway when a man on a bicycle managed to brake and stop in front of my daughter.

He claimed that he had sounded his bell and that it would not have been his fault had an accident happened.

Before I could respond to him, he rode into the pedestrian pathway and into one of the void decks.

I have also witnessed cyclists not adhering to traffic laws and riding across the road when the traffic lights are not in their favour.

Many cyclists can also be found on pedestrian walkways these days.

I recognise that there are a number of cyclists who practise courtesy on the road and ensure safety for both themselves and pedestrians.

With no registration system, cyclists are emboldened to disregard safety, as it becomes harder to track them.

Senior Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo has said that registration and compulsory insurance would be "too onerous and costly" for the majority of law-abiding users ("'Small minority' of cyclists, mobility device users careless"; Oct 11).

However, for the sake of safety, I urge the authorities to consider requiring bicycles to be registered and licensed.

Theresa Pong Pao Ling (Ms)