Reasons given for OneInbox termination not convincing

The reasons given for the discontinuation of OneInbox - a service whereby all mail from statutory boards and government departments are centralised in a single inbox - are unconvincing (Digital mailbox service for public to end in June; April 6).

The April 1 e-mail from the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) stated that the discontinuation was due to "low demand and relatively high maintenance costs".

I am sure the relevant government departments would have done the costing before the service was launched. So why the shutdown?

Also, the cessation of this service will mean that subscribers will, from April 9 onwards, be receiving hard-copy letters from the Government. This move seems to be a step backwards.

I am sure a lot of taxpayer money was committed in establishing OneInbox. There should be more accountability to users than just an e-mail from GovTech informing them that the service will be discontinued.

Dennis Tan Seow Koon