Reading relaxes, broadens minds

Reading has long been a treasured pastime of mine, and I am heartened to know that the National Library Board (NLB) is making an effort to help Singapore residents, both old and young, discover their love for reading ("Big push to kindle love of reading"; April 12).

Reading is something most parents encourage children to do, as it will help improve their English.

But I find it a pity that while children are encouraged to read books, most adults do not bother to read books themselves, as shown in how fewer people use library services as they age.

While I understand there is a lot of stress and little time to sit down and pick up a book these days, I find it enjoyable and relaxing, and am grateful NLB is making an effort to spread the enjoyment of reading.

Reading should not be treated as a chore; rather, it should be treated as a retreat from our hectic lives. Reading reduces stress and helps us relax, so the habit should be promoted.

Reading also enables us to broaden our horizons and get to understand more about the world, even while we remain in the comfort of our homes.

I can only hope that more people get to understand the feeling of never wanting to put a book down, and get to know the beauty of books.

Sherie Low Wenn Lynn (Miss)