Raise more awareness of lesser-known intellectual disabilities

There was a lot of attention on the pouch carried by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife Ho Ching when it was discovered that it was designed by an autistic youth ("Mrs Lee's bag is designed by Singapore student"; Aug 4).

While it is heartening to note that the local and foreign public are sitting up to notice the abilities of people with autism, the majority of people with intellectually disabilities still find it very difficult to blend into society today.

To a layman in the street, a person with intellectual disabilities has either autism or Down syndrome.

There is more to intellectual disability than the above two syndromes. A "normal-looking" person may be one who has global developmental delay and cannot be classified under any particular syndrome.

Perhaps organisations such as the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore, the Rainbow Centre, the National Council of Social Service and the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre could start by raising awareness of intellectual disabilities.

With this greater awareness, we will then have more donations and more volunteers for other voluntary welfare organisations.

Betty Ho Peck Woon (Madam)