Quality, affordable retirement villages the best option

I AM happy and delighted to know that steps are being taken to help the elderly population live comfortably ("Schemes to enable seniors to age in the community" by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social and Family Development; June 12).

In three years' time, many of my baby-boomer generation will be in their 60s. Many of the elderly population, like me, who are single, often worry about having to live alone in our sunset years, without children or family support.

Many of us are financially independent and prefer comfortable living arrangements and facilities.

Independent elderly people like me prefer a retirement village concept, where the elderly population can choose a variety of living arrangements, for example, studio or two-room flats. These can be paid with Central Provident Fund money or residents can pay rent, instead.

Like many retirement villages in the United States and Australia, hopefully, the ones we have here would have facilities like clinics, convenience stores and social activity spots in one area, for greater convenience. For those who require more assistance, daycare centres and nursing homes will be suitable living arrangements.

Currently, even as the Government encourages the integration of the elderly population among other residents, at times, going to the clinic, convenience store or social activity centres can still be quite a distance away, based on current HDB town arrangements.

I look forward to the day there will be good quality, affordable retirement villages that allow the elderly to age independently and gracefully, with everything within easy reach.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)