Public must be informed early of park closure

When it comes to events held at a public space, safety is of paramount importance, regardless of whether the event is a national or commercial one.

And I can see the need for some parts of a park being closed for that reason (Public parks should not be closed for commercial events; Nov 17).

However, the public should be informed of the closure.

Many who want to use a park or a swimming pool, for example, find out about a closure only when they reach the site where they are either prevented entry or told that they have only limited use of the amenities.

Surely any approval for exclusive use of amenities would have been given well in advance to allow the organiser to plan.

Why can't this approval be made known to the general public once it has been issued. This can be easily done by posting notices at the premises or using smartphone apps to alert the public. This would minimise inconvenience to the public.

Chee Chi Weng