PSLE changes need to be coupled with mindset changes

I approve of the recent move by the Ministry of Education to change the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) grading system ("PSLE grading system set to change amid broad reforms"; April 9).

The PSLE places major pressure on Primary 6 pupils to study and push themselves, as though their PSLE results would define their entire future.

The changes in the grading system has the potential to change that and reduce competition between pupils, as pupils will be placed in broad categories instead of being graded so finely.

In addition, scores will no longer be based on a grade curve of how pupils perform at the PSLE.

All these measures will help to reduce competition among pupils, and will, hopefully, decrease academic stress.

However, all these measures will not come to much without a mindset change among pupils, parents and schools.

With a mindset fixated on results, Primary 6 pupils will still face pressure to excel academically.

Chan Yu Cheng (Miss)